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Date: 22nd Febuary, 2017
From the desk of: Xavier Barroso
Subject: Increase Your Google Search Engine Ranking, Website Traffic, Payed Customers & Profits for your Business


Dear friend,

welcome and thanks for stopping by my name is Xavier Barroso I am the SEO Service provider for Gold Coast SEO Service website. I am glad you have stopped by because I want to share with you my power packed Affordable SEO Services that can work for anyone.

But firstly have you ever wanted to buy something of high quality that you really needed or wanted? and after saving up some money to buy it you decided to buy the cheaper brand/cheaper model option of promised high quality, but then after a while your frustration grew as you realized it missed something, it didn’t work like it was supposed to work or didn’t have all the features or wasn’t as durable or efficient as you thought it would be?

I know I have! Those choices in my life I will never forget as it brought me unneeded grief all for the sake of saving a few dollars. So I promised myself to never cheap out on buying something I like ever again!

Anyway the Australian SEO Packages I provide are an example of very high quality at Affordable Prices, So I just hope you know the benefits between paying for Affordable and very low cost products and services and are ready to take the right leap forward and not backward in your SEO Marketing campaigns for your Small Business Profits.

I know many of us wish we could accomplish things on the Super cheap, its only natural to hope that there is an Super easy way out, but the truth to the matter is that “time is money” and to do SEO for your website and Australian Business Marketing takes the right commitment, research, planning and concentration, collaboration and persistence to put all the pieces together like a jigsaw puzzle.

There is absolutely no easy automatic or software based way of doing SEO for your website’s Google Rankings! Forget fake super cheap promises period and trust me when I say SEO can work for your Small Business but you only get out what you put in, just like most things in life!

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If you take a close look at the high ranking websites on Google you will realize that the ones on top of the list bring a sense of substance! It is like they belong there, their mission statements, designs and services all promise to work for you without skipping a beat.

There is no denying that the Google ranking algorithm has become very good at providing the top service providers to the Search Engine Results Page, But how does a Small Business like yours compete with the top ranking websites for competitive keywords on Google?

How do you know you have hired the right help for your Google SEO Ranking that will place your website listing within reach of the top listings?

Google ranking is a complex strategy to commit too. It can also expensive if you decide to pay someone to do it for you.

The problem with doing it yourself however is that their is so much to do and learn, and the problem with paying someone to do it for you is that there are no Guarantees of profits coming your way in the short term at least.

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But what is one of the biggest Hurdle’s when trying to rank your website on Google? Google has updated their ranking algorithm in last years to include human reviewers called “Google ad Raters”, these guys have the final say in where your website belongs on the leader board for Search Engine Results Positions for your chosen keywords.

It would be easy to rank websites if it was still 100% digitally based! But Google realized there were too many websites trying to game the Google Ranking Algorithm so they added the Human Google Ad Raters to bring better results to the public. Google Ad Raters review websites and look for signs of quality and authenticity and give your website a score which is then used to rank your website.

So again the question lingers what does your Small Business need to be able rank high on Google if you have to tackle both digital ranking algorithms and Google Ad Raters?

Well In my own opinion you need someone who is committed to helping you develop all areas of your Business Marketing. You need someone who can design and scale out a plan of attack to help your Marketing make sense to the public enough to make them purchase.

You need someone who will work with you and wont shy away from sharing ideas that may help you profit in the short or long run.

You need a savvy Marketer that knows how to capture someone’s attention and convert them into a customer in a few seconds.

Succeeding in SEO today means you need to be consistently updating your website and defining your benefits as much as possible. Its like the Business with the best value wins and this is a fact across the board of high ranking sites across all niches on Google.

So this my friend is why successful Businesses that rank up the top of Google choose the Affordable SEO For Small Business.

SEO Marketing Experts Like us are committed to your Business in more ways that just link building and Website optimization, its a commitment that we delve into day and night every day of the week, an addiction to see us provide the best possible result for you.

Our commitment to you is to be a growing part of your Business and that the results be their for the picking when the time is right.

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We know that Success comes from action takers that are willing to put themselves on the line in risk for a better life.

I know this is true, I have had much success with my theory on Tempting Fate which is simply my way of risk taking for the chance of better profits in return, I am a Master of this.

You can download my free ebook to learn more about me and my personal experience in defeating my demons and growing as a risk taker with the tempt fate formula!

The funny thing is we all live the life we are programming ourselves to live and many of us still expect a different result every day without taking risk or taking action on anything different in our life!

It is silly however that is life, the spoils go to the action takers, the generous that expect little or nothing in return but to service the needy first. Success is a Game of Self Mastery.

I understand one’s own programs may be hard to escape, the daily routine, habits, schedules, commitments. Life is hard I understand this!

Anyway I invite you to have a chat, I can review your website and give you some advice and set out a plan of attack for your Small Business SEO Marketing, the goal is to start with unique ideas that help you create your own online identity. To separate you from the competition and give you the best chance of success.

For my Expert SEO Marketing help Call me on 0419 777 170 or contact me from our Contact page

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Xavier Barroso

P.S. Remember you only get out what you put in, with our SEO services we commit ourselves to your best interests and treat your Business like it was our own..

P.P.S. Get in while I’m still available! I will put in a lot of hour’s work to make sure your Business Brand’s Marketing and SEO stands the best chance to prosper!