Privacy Policy

The following privacy policy explains how Gold Coast SEO Service records and uses visitor/purchaser information that we have been given access to by you or automatically recorded by our website software through the event of you using the Gold Coast SEO Service website or service by you agreeing to use our service or website.



Gold Coast SEO Service is determined to ensure that the information passed on to us be it through print, recorded digitally or spoken by you is protected.



In the event that we request that you provide information that will be used to identify you through the use of our service, products, software or website, be assured that any information given to us in any format will be used under the strict terms of this privacy policy.



This privacy policy may be subject to change from time to time by the Gold Coast SEO Service administrator, so we advise to visit this page regularly.



The reason for re-visiting this page is to make sure you agree with any changes made to it. This privacy statement is effective as of Saturday, 19 August 2016.



The types of data and information we collect



By using our website, products, software or services we may ask you to provide the following information:



• Your Full Name, Business name and Registered Business number and job title
• Contact information including home and Business phone, mobile, email address,
• Demographic information such as home & Business address, suburb, state and postcode
• Your Date of Birth
• Business Registered and Business service start date
• Your computers I.P address
• Images, descriptions about your Business product or services



Why we ask for this information from you



This information helps us identify your specific needs as a Business profile and to give you a better service and ending result. We also record these detail for these reasons:



• For creating progress data/statistics about our products and services with whom we practice.
•To better our Marketing, Service, Design and Communication with our clients.
• From time to time we may send out emails to our customers which offer information, products, software and services we feel may be very useful to you and your Business. 
• We may also ask for your participation in website poles which we do for gathering website user preferences rom the questions you answer. These are optional only, We may contact you by email, phone or mail. Our goal is to use website user data to design our website to better your experience whilst using our website according to user preferences.






We are committed to maintaining any information about our visitors or customers In a secure manner.



In order to prevent unauthorised access or disclosure, we have in place secure password locked data bases that store this information to deny the general public access to it, this is an electronic record keeping system we trust is suitable for maintaining important information about our online visitors and offline clients.



Our database records are accessed by us in both online (through internet) and offline (In print and on local computer) in secure storage methods at our office.



Cookie’s what are they and how we use them



Cookie ‘s are small file’s that ask permission to be on your computer’s memory disk. If you agree, a cookie file will be added to your computer, this helps us gather website visitation’s or may make it easier for you to enter our members only area by saving password cookie’s.



Cookies are there to offer you personal preferences while using our website. They are there to cater to your web browsing experience as to have it more personalized and catered to your needs.

Cookie’s may be placed in different pages of our website to gather user data about our website, this is used to analyse user preferences and build a better website to suit you.

We use this data as a temporary means to gather user information and then we delete it.

In general cookie’s are used to analyse which areas of our website are preferred so that we can cater and build a better website for you.

Cookies in no way give us access to your computer they are there to give you the choice of what information you share with us whilst using our website.

While most internet surfing Browsers accept cookies as a default choice, you ultimately choose whether to accept or decline cookie’s, cookies can also be blocked through the web browsers settings.

Having cookies turned off may result in not having the best usability of our features effecting your experience whilst using our website.

Links to 3rd party websites



The use of any links posted in the contents of our website are at your own risk, they are provided there for your benefit in having further information only, please note we have no control over what these 3rd party website do with their users



We can therefore hold no responsibility for the way in which these website may use their user data to their benefit. By visiting these website’s you agree they are not part of this privacy policy and you do so at your own risk. 



Be cautious and refer to the linked websites privacy policy to be sure you want to participate



Staying in Control of your personal details

You can restrict the use and recording of your personal information by emailing us at and ask for all information about you and your account be deleted.

The information you provide to us will not be sold, distributed or leased to third parties in any form unless we are required to do so by the power of law.

If you have given us permission to do so, we may send you marketing material regarding third party products or services which we feel you may find useful to know or beneficial to have and purchase.

By law you may request from us to see all information that we have stored about you personally or about your Business as Governed by Australian Law.

To request this information please email to or write to 7-37 Errol Ave, Paradise Point, Gold Coast, Queensland 4216, Australia

If any details about your information you find to be are incorrect please contact us by the above email or street address and we will correct it as soon as possible.